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Gastfreundschaft im Iran


Unsere mehrjährigen Erfahrungen  beim Durchführen von Touren für Touristen aus verschiedenen  Teilen der Welt belegen die Tatsache, dass die Touristen meinen, die iranische Gastfreundschaft ist eine einzigartige und unverkennbare Besonderheit.

Durch dieses charakteristische Merkmal  der Iraner ist das Land anziehend für Touristen.   Leider hat die Welt wegen der geringen Zahl an wahren Informationen über den Iran verschiedene Meinungen darüber, was dort wirklich passiert. Deshalb wollen wir eine wissenschaftliche Untersuchung durchführen , indem wir Touristen, die den Iran besuchen, nach ihrer Meinung zur iranischen Gastfreundschaft befragen.

Unsere Untersuchung basiert auf den Meinungen der Tourisetn, die unsere Agentur im Zentrum von Shiraz besuchen. Aber damit wir der ganzen Welt die iranische Gastfreundschaft nachweisen können, bitten wir dringend alle, die in Shiraz sind, uns bei diesem Projekt zu unterstützen, indem sie uns Hinweise geben. Sie können uns auch helfen, indem Sie das folgende Formular ausfüllen und mit Ihrem Foto versehen. Somit werden Sie in unsere Liste aufgenommen.


Vielen Dank im voraus für Ihre Bemühungen!


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Werner Englisch 

Location: Deutschland   Entrance: 18.05.2008 Cities:Teheran,Shiraz,Persepolis,Isfahan,Yazd,Kermann,Mahan,Bam,Mashhad,Masuleh,Qom

Length: 21 Tage   Occupation: Hausbetreuer 

Comments: Im Mai 2008 bereiste ich den Iran. Ich buchte die Reise als Iran Life Tour , zu

erst ging es mit Glorias of Persia durch das Land. Im Anschluss ein Ausflug zum Kaspischen Meer

und nach Qom . Es hatte alles zu meiner vollsten zufriedenheit geklappt. Auch die Buchung als allein

Reisender mit Deutsch Sprechender Reiseführer. Ich kann Pars Tours nur weiter empfehlen. Eine neue

Reise in den Iran möchte ich bereits wieder unter nehmen.


Lachavanne Anne-Valerie
Location: France   Entrance: 06/17/2007  Cities: Tabriz,Qazvin,Esfahan,Shiraz,Yazd
Length: 3 weeks   Occupation: teacher    Education: University
Comments:  People in France think that Iran is a dangerous country to go to, mainly because of the international context. Unfortunately they don't have the opportunity to talk to real Iranian people living in this country. We discovered very friendly people in the touristy areas, people willing to improve their language skills or to chat with foreigners about their own customs. Discussions were always of high interest to us because it enabled us to know better local habits. We've also had the chance to get invited for some diners and tasted Iranian food out of the restaurants. it's great value and we really enjoyed it. Persian culture is very ancient and it would be nice for people abroad to be able to discover it and be aware that Iranians are no fundamentalists but open-minded persons. And I hope you will always remain as curious about foreigners as today ! Anne-Valerie and Matthias


Marcel Ausloos
Location: Belgium      Entrance: may ,27   Cities: shiraz, tabriz, ispahanm, yazd,,
Length: two weeks   Occupation: professor univ of liege  Education: physics
Comments:  up to now i have always met nice people but car traffic is awful; what serve the rules if they are not respected?

Hogil Leej
Location: korea   Entrance: 28/05/07  Cities: shiras espahan  Length: 30days
Occupation: teacher  Education: university for history
Comments:  Iranians are very kind and generous, because they often say hello to me, and helped to find out something, and even paid autobus fee for me. anyway, I think they are very interested in foreigners as they liked to talk to me, freely asked me about personal questions and my country. so, I hope the the relationship between iran and korea intensitied more than ever.

Location: France  Entrance: 03 juin 2007  Cities: Orumiyeh - Hamadan - Isfahan - Shiraz
Length: 1 mois   Occupation: Retraite   Education: Etudes secondaires
Comments:  Nous sommes partis a trois - Yves, Francoise et Gerard avec un Camping car pour passer 1 mois en Iran apres avoir traverse la Turquie. Nous y avons trouve un accueil extraordinaire. Sur la route tout le monde nous dit bonjour et nous avons ete invite plusieurs fois a prendre le The le Diner et le Petit Dejeunner. Nous n avons pas hesite a prendre les petites routes au milieu de paysages magnifiques. Au niveau Securite : Aucun probleme Nous ne pouvons que vous conseiller a tenter l experience


Helen Pickard
Location: UK       Entrance: 23/05/07  Cities: Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Tehran
Length: 3 weeks   Occupation: Student   Education: Degree
Comments:  I have only been in Iran 4 days and have visited Tehran and just arrived in Shiraz. The people are very friendly, helpful and hospitable and I have been made to feel very welcome. The scenery in Iran is also stunning and the buildings and history is fascinating.


Location: Catalonia (Spain)    Entrance: 16.05.07  Cities: Isfahan, Kerman, Shiraz
Length: 20 days    Occupation: Psychologist   Education: Psychology
Comments:  Iran is a beautiful country with many monuments and traditions to show. But, as we visit Iran, we realize that the best thing are Iranians, because they are very open people, with a great will to know other people from abroad and share their traditions, language, and points of view. We really enjoy our stay in Iran.


Tom Willetts
Location: Britian     Entrance: 15 May 2007     Cities: Yazd, Esfahan, Rayan, Bam
Length: 15 days    Occupation: Youth Worker   Education: BA Politics Philosophy
Comments:  Iran is a pleasure to visit. The people are friendly and open, there is both impressive architecture and natural beauty. As a modern country Iran has a road and air transport networks of a similar standard to Europe making travel easy. I would recommend a visit to Iran to experienced and inexperienced travelers alike.


Kota Haguma
Location: Japan      Entrance: 17may2007    Cities: shiras   Length: 2   Occupation: teacher
Education: university
Comments:  I had traveled 60 countries, but Iran is one of the most safety and nice country. taxi is useful. but tourism is not developed enough. difficult to find English sign and English speaker even in tourist office in country side. I hope it will getting better and invite many tourist here.


Tim Flaherty
Location: New Zealand   Entrance: 12 MAY 2007     Cities: Tehran, Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz
Length: 14 days   Occupation: Lawyer  Education: University (NZ) - 2 bachelor degrees
Comments:  I come from apart of the world where the knowledge of Iran is limited and fixed in terms of the political situation in the Middle East. Those friends of mine who have traveled in Iran had spoken in glowing terms about the hospitality of the Iranian people that they met. My experience has been the same. I have found the Iranian people that I have met to be approachable, friendly and knowledgeable about the world. It has been a truly pleasurable experience to travel in Iran.


Location: FRANCE   Entrance: 17/05/2007   Cities: SHIRAZ    Length: 2 days
Occupation: Finance   Education: Finance
Comments:  Iranian people are very happy to speak with foreigners and are really friendly. They are curious about our job, how we feel about the country and the visits that we made. They are always ready to give help.


Cornelis Vroonland
Location: Netherlands    Entrance: 2nd May   Cities: Tehran, Yazd, Esfahan
Length: 25 days    Occupation: Software developer

Comments:  The Iranians are a welcoming people, treating the visitor with both respect and curiosity. The cities and the landscape are well worth a visit. A country of contrasts, Iran makes for some beautiful experiences.


Goran Belic
Location: Slovenia    Entrance: 11.5.2007   Cities: Tehran,Ahway, Kerman, Bam, Shiraz, Esfahan
Occupation: Economist Education: Economist
Comments:  We like to travel thru Iran that is the reason we came back for the second time. People are very nice and friendly. It is also one of the safest countries. Come and taste it on your own.


Vianney Auzou
Location: France Entrance: 4 May Cities: Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Hormuz, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Tehran, Tabriz, Maku   Length: 30 days   Occupation: Student  Education: Business school
Comments:  Iran has a bad image in western countries and that's a shame. In fact Iran is a wonderful country with very very nice people. It is really easy to have a discussion with Iranian people and the hospitality of them makes the travel easy for foreigners. I wish i can come back one day.



Location: France  Entrance: 12-05-2007  Cities: Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan, Masouleh
Length: 17 days   Occupation: Finance  Education: Business School in Reims
Comments:  I just started this trip in Iran 3 days ago so there is still a lot to come before it comes to an end. I will see for sure many other friendly people and visit many other nice places...



Andre Scherphof

Location: The Netherlands   Entrance: 13-05-2007  Cities: Tabriz, Ardabill, Astara, Rasht, Teheran, Shiraz,  Length: 6 weeks   Occupation: Teacher
Comments: We crossed the border with Turkey on the 25th of April. We cycle for 6 weeks through Iran on our way to Central Asia. Till so far our cycle trip in Iran is excellent. The people are more than friendly, helpful and offer us daily food and water. There is just one comment: the roads are to busy for cycling. Leonie ( at this moment scared ) and Andre on the way to China by bicycle.



Location: FRANCE    Entrance: 29 avril 2007 Cities: mashad, esfahan, gazvin, masuleh, yazd, garmeh, shiraz   Length: 18 jours   Occupation: routard    Education: Universite
Comments: Pour mon 2eme sejour en Iran, en provenance de Pekin cette annee, j'ai retrouve avec plaisir le meme accueil chaleureux et la meme hospitalite que l'an dernier (j'arrivais alors de Lyon...). Ce pays a en outre beaucoup de choses a montrer au voyageur. Merci l'Iran !



Nerb Helmut
Location: Germany   Entrance: 3.5.07  Cities: Tehran,Esfahan,Shiraz,Kerman  Length: 26 Days
Occupation: Floortiler   Education: Privat school
Comments: Iranian People are very friendly and helpfully, they have always a solution. Nice to stay here.



Location: FRANCE   Entrance: 26/04/2007  Cities: Tabriz-Teheran-Ispahan-Shiraz-Mashad
Length: 30 days   Occupation: Electrical Engineer   Education: Electrical Engineer
Comments: We arrived from Turkey and visited first the north-est of the country : Tabriz, Ardabil, Masuleh and Alamut region (splendid landscape where you can do trekking) Then, we spend some times in the capital .. with so many traffic ..and pollution before discovering the marvelous architecture treasures in Ispahan . When you visit the Persepolis site you are like in a dream. The people in Iran are very hospitable and so happy to practice their English or French and exchange ideas about our two countries. Iran is a very nice country ... do not hesitate to come !

Jan and Geioff Brown
Location: Australia     Entrance: May 4 2007   Cities: Tehran Isfahan Shiraz Mashad
Length: one month    Occupation: retired    Education: university degrees
Comments: This is our third trip to Iran in 7 years. We like this country and its people very much. We like their sense of humor in particular. The sights of Iran are magnificent and full of history and beauty. The music is very enjoyable also. We find always that everybody is very friendly and helpful and honest, which is not the case at home always.

matevz pezdirc
Location: Slovenia   Entrance: 06.05.2007  Cities: Teheran, shush, shiraz, yazd, esfahan
Length: 2 weeks   Occupation: lawyer   Education: university
Comments: Before I came to Iran a lot of my friends have been already traveling here, therefore I was aware with the openness and friendliness of Iranians. But I was still surprised to notice hospitability and approach that Iranians have. Iran is very beautiful country, with rich history and with friendly people. It has a lot to offer to a tourist, especially on the human touch side. I will definitely recommend Iran as a tourist destination to my friends.

simona smolej
Location: Slovenia   Entrance: 30.04.2007  Cities: esfahan, shiraz, yazd, mount damavand,kashan, mashuleh    Length: 3 weeks   Occupation: social worker  Education: master of sociology
Comments: Iranian people are very hospital, kind and very friendly. they always help if you need it.i am very glad to be here.

Aljosa Ivanovic
Comments: We really enjoy our trip to Iran. Country is great, with a lot to offer. It has very rich history and beautiful nature. We were really astonished by the hospitality of Iranian people. It is the sort of hospitality you can hardly find in the world. We really recommend everyone to visit Iran. Aljosa Ivanovic Branka Korosec

Geurt Visser
Location: Netherlands   Entrance: 01-05-2007   Cities: Tehran, Yazd, Shraz and Esfehan
Length: 2 weeks   Occupation: manager    Education: university
Comments: We like the people in Iran very much. They are very friendly and open to us. We visited Tehran, Yazd and Shiraz and there were a lot of interesting places and a lot of interesting and friendly people (men and women) to talk to. People in Europe thought Iran may be dangerous. But only the traffic seems dangerous to us.

Antoinette van den Steenhoven
Location: Netherlands   Entrance: 22 April 2007 Cities: Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Tabriz, Rasht, Masuleh    Length: 1 month   Occupation: Psychologist   Education: university
Comments: Together with my fiancé, I am traveling through Iran. We are not with a group, just the two of us. Therefore, we are very dependent of the help and hospitality of the Iranian people to show and help us around. Our experience is that the Iranian people are extremely helpful. Even if we do not ask them directeley, if they see us looking around, they come to us and ask if they can help. This is our experience with all the people, no matter grade of education or age. Another feature we have noticed is the curiosity of the Iranian people. They ask a lot of questions, want to know a lot about our country, our lives and habits in Europe. They combine this with their wish to practice their foreign languages which leads to nice conversations. Sometimes however, they are SO helpful, that they give an answer, even if they don't know. We are enjoying our stay very much!

Location: France   Entrance: 27/04/07   Cities: ESFAHAN chiraz   Length: 2 weeks
Occupation: teacher of physics    Education: third degree
Comments: Iranian are really friendly, and all I met try to help me. Try friendly to speak English and make contact with me. Beautiful country. Easy to travel.

Location: JAPAN    Entrance: 28,Apr,2007   Cities: Esfahan  Length: 15Days
Occupation: student   Education: accountment
Comments: エスファハーンのエマーム広場は最高です。 広場でアイスクリームを食べ、チャイハネでチャイと水タバコを楽 しんでいるうちにあっという間に一日が過ぎていってしまいます。 いくらでものんびりする事ができるので、3日滞在の予定がついつ い6日間もいてしまいました。

Graham askey
Location: england   Entrance: 4/4/07  Cities: Lots    Length: 6 weeks  Occupation: builder
Education: Bsc construction
Comments: The Iranian people are the countries' greatest asset, being very friendly I have lost count of the small acts of kindness they have done for me. Unlike the reputation in the west the country is very safe. Iran has lots of great culture and history to see. If I had one complaint it is that sometimes there can be a lot of rubbish that needs clearing up.

Laborie Yannick
Location: Hong Kong   Entrance: 27/04/2007   Cities: Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan
Length: 7 days    Occupation: analyst
Education: university degree

Jumpei Yokoyama
Location: Japan   Entrance: 22/04/07   Cities: Bam,Yazd,Esfahan, Shiraz,  Length: 20days
Occupation: No   Education: university
Comments: almost of Iran people are very kind. I like them. But sometimes I meet people who are not good. They like to make funny. I am interested in Iran history. It is very old & cool. I'm looking forward to going to Persepolis!!

Maria Antonia Delissen
Location: the Netherlands    Entrance: april 11th 2007  Cities: different cities throughout Iran
Length: 3 weeks   Occupation: train driver    Education: high school-business courses
Comments: We came by train from Istanbul to Tehran and for 10 days we hired a car and driver to visit the countryside. For exemple via Ramsar to Masuleh, Kandovan, Tabriz, Marivan, Eslamabad Gharb. In those 10 days we saw how beautiful nature is and we met friendly people everywhere. We continued by public transport to Esfahan, Yazd en Shiraz. Beautiful in its own way. After we will fly to Mashad and then return home Tehran-Amsterdam. We had a wonderful time in your beautiful country!!!

Daria Mashkina
Location: Russia    Entrance: April, 27th   Cities: Esfahan, Shiraz, Tehran
Length: 5 days   Occupation: Marketing manager    Education: Business
Comments: Iran is a wonderful country: people are extremely open, hospitable and educated. The country is full of places of interest describing its long and legendary history. We are three travelers from Russia (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) and what we know for sure now after spending our first five days in Iran is that we will definitely come back. Hopefully next year!=))

Jennifer O'Brien
Location: Australia   Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd  Length: 20 days   Occupation: Admin
Education: Bachelor of Science
Comments: We used Pars Travel to visit Persepolis and other sites. We found them to be very efficient, helpful and value for money. We also used them to book our bus tickets onwards, and they even rang ahead and reserved rooms at our next destination. We would recommend their service to all travelers as they have a range of tour options.

Daisuke Suzuki
Location: Japan   Entrance: 2007 April 29th   Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran
Length: 10days  Occupation: Manager  Education: MBA, Masters
Comments: Despite the fact that I was upset when my whiskey bottle was taken away by a security-check officer at the airport arrival gate, so far my experience with most Iranian people has been great! Not only hotel people and travel agents, but ordinary people walking down on the street are also helpful and kind. Compared to many cities in other Middle Eastern countries at the same economy level, I have found that most Iranian cities (streets and touristy areas) were cleaner. This is same for most restaurants and hotel rooms. So, I think that I have had a good value from traveling in Iran. I hope my opinion of this memo will help you to decide making a trip to Iran someday.

Taiji Hayakawa
Location: Japan   Entrance: 29Apr2007  Cities: Shiraz  Length: 7Days
Occupation: Company Clark  Education: University
Comments: Good information! enjoy travel ! We just arrive from Tehran by Air. Here, I will take good photo and make good memory !


Kirill Kubantsev
Location: Russia  Entrance: April, 7th 2007  Cities: Yazd, Shiraz, Esfahan, Teheran
Length: 7 days  Occupation: sales  Education: MS
Comments: A must-see country very different from one city to another inhabited with beautiful kind people. Should have stayed longer there.

Location: France  Entrance: 15/4/2007  Cities: Tehran, Kashan, Yazd, Shiraz, Esfahan
Length: Deux semaines Occupation: Professeur Education: Geographie
Comments: Tres beau pays, l'Iran se distingue egalement par la sympathie de sa population, douee d'un accueil et d'une curiosite tres appreciables et assez rares dans les pays que j'ai traverses. On y rencontre encore peu de touristes bien que les lieux a visiter soient legion. Aucun probleme concernant la securite en general, ambiance plutot decontractee (un bemol toutefois pour les femmes devant imperativement porter le voile).

Szymon Chojnacki
Location: Poland      Entrance: 13 April 2007      Cities: Damavand / Esfahan / Shiraz
Length: 2 weeks    Occupation: graduate    Education: Warsaw School of Economics
Comments: Very nice country to visit ;) ;)

Chris Billington
Location: UK   Entrance: 16th April 2007   Cities: Tabriz, Kashan, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Mashad
Length: 14 days   Occupation: Business Consultant   Education: Masters Degree
Comments: Fantastically intriguing and historically rich country. People mostly curious and hospitable in equal measure. Public transport in the cities can be a headache - taxis are usually the only practical method of travel. Looking forward to exploring more before the less adventurous arrive by the coachload!

Ashok Shah
Location: United Kingdom     Entrance: 14 April 2007     Cities: Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kashan
Length: 14 days    Occupation: Accountant    Education: BSc, FCA
Comments: I enjoyed my trip. The driver was patient.

Arnoud Zwemmer
Location: Netherlands     Entrance: 12/4/2007    Cities: Esfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd
Length: 15 days    Occupation: Engineer    Education: University
Comments: I had a very good trip today, thanks!

Anna Pieper
Location: Holland       Entrance: 10-04-07     Cities: Yazd, Shiraz, Esphahan    Length: 15 days
Occupation: nurse     Education: HBO-V
Comments: Before I left for Iran, people told me that it is dangerous in Iran. But I knew that this was not true. I feel really safe here in Iran and the Iranian people are so lovely and nice to me. They are welcoming you and ask where you are from. It is wonderful to travel around this beautiful country and to see the old culture and places they have to offer. And I do love the Iranian cuisine. I certain come back but than for some longer period.

osiris ospino
Location: Spain     Entrance: 09-04-07

Cities: Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, Masuleh, Abyaneh, Rayen, Bandar-el-Azali, Choqa Zanbil, Mahan, Shahdad, Persepolis, Firuz Abad,
Length: 2 WEEKS   Occupation: Tour leader   Education: Tourism
Comments: It has been a pleasure to me to have chosen Iran as my destination since I have discovered a beautiful country full of friendly and hospitable people that are looking forward to welcoming and taking care of you. The country itself is amazing with lots of historical and cultural places to visit. Do not hesitate and open your heart to this wonderful country, you do not what you are missing.

Location: South Africa    Entrance: 10 April   Cities: Tehran,Mashhad,Esfehan,Shiraz    Length: 10

Location: France  Entrance: 7TH APRIL 2007   Cities: Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Kermanshah
Length: 2 WEEKS
Comments: Iran is a beautiful country with very kid people. Iranian hospitality is not a myth. We are very often invited to dinner in the street. Our favorite city is Yazd but we don t still go to Kurdistan. We will come back in Iran.


Location: New Zealand   Entrance: 6/4   Cities: Shiraz Isfahan    Length: 21
Comments: The west does not understand Iran!


Renaudin Agnes
Location: France    Entrance: 18/04/2007    Cities: Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Teheran    Length: 2 weeks
Occupation: Student    Education: Business School
Comments: Very nice people, always curious and eager to speak with tourists... Too bad yesterday we had a bad experience inb shiraz, it was Friday and the streets were empty and in ten minutes at least 3 different men came to touch us... we were in shock but we changed areas and it was better... Thank you


Ibanay Radija
Location: France    Entrance: 2007/04/20    Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Tehran     Length: 12
Location: FRANCE     Entrance: 15 April 2007   Cities: Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Teheran
Length: 2 weeks    Occupation: Teacher
Comments: Very nice country, and very friendly people !!! It is very easy to travel...


Rianne de Groot
Location: Holland      Entrance: April 3, 2007   Cities: Tehran, Qom, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Masshad
Length: 30 days      Occupation: manager     Education: university
Comments: Iran stands out due to the unexpected friendliness and hospitality of the people. We were everywhere given a warm welcome by the Iranian people. It also pays to leave the cities and go into the countryside.


Claivaz Pierre- Andre
Location: Switzerland    Entrance: 13 avril 2007    Cities: THERAN shiraz kerman ispahan
Length: 15 days     Occupation: teacher     Education: university
Comments: until now we only met friendly people , with a great interest for us, as foreign visitors. Iran is a wonderful country.

clinton Wadsworth
Location: new Zealand     Entrance: 5 April 2006    Cities: shiraz, yazd, kelardasht
Length: 30 days     Occupation: bus driver    Education: university

Marcella Marr
Location: Hong Kong, China     Entrance: 31 Mar 2007   Cities: Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kashan
Length: 16 days    Occupation: Clerk    Education: University
Comments: People in Iran are nice, friendly and welcoming! It's a very good place for traveling. Highly recommended!

Luisa Dalla Costa
Location: Italy
Comments: Very beautiful! The excursion to Persepolis has been enchanting and highly recommended.

Location: Switzerland     Entrance: 6.4.2007     Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran, Kish
Length: 3 weeks     Occupation: Television reporter   Education: Language studies

Location: Australia    Entrance: 03 April 2007 Cities: Persepolis, Bishapur, Hamadan Yazd, etc
Length: 30 days    Occupation: Archaeologist   Education: University - BA (hons)
Comments: Iran is very friendly and the people kind a helpful. It is very safe here - contrary to the belief of many people who have not visited the country.

Gustavo Sant Anna
Location: Spain    Entrance: 5th April     Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran   Length: 1 week
Occupation: Economist:
Comments: Iran is a really safe place to travel. People are helpful and lovely. Great cities to visit and food is superb. Everybody should come one day.

Mark Weenink
Location: The Netherlands     Entrance: 1st of April 2007Cities: Mashad, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Tabriz, Tehran
Length: 1 month   Occupation: bookseller    Education: University
Comments: Iran is a country you have to get used to. It's very different from what I'm used to. The Iranian people are very friendly but because of my lack of knowledge of Farsi, communicating can be quite difficult. Until now I have enjoyed Iran, its cities with beautiful monuments and nice teahouses. Hope to come back sometime in the future. Inshaala.

alex le cleve
Location: france       Entrance: 8 april 2007        Cities: shiraz yazd     Length: 15 days
Comments: les prix sont plus chers qu'annonces sur le guide sinon c'est sympa.

joaquim iglesias
Location: spain     Entrance: 4.04.07   Cities: Bam, Bandar-e-Abbas, Minab   Length: 1 month
Occupation: bookseller   Education: degree in law

Location: ENGLAND       Entrance: 28/03/2007  Cities: Tabriz, Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd
Length: 30 days    Occupation: electrician    Education: c&g electrical engineer
Comments: Visit Iran ,the people are the most hospitable you are likely to meet anywhere in the world.Always friendly ad willing to help. Excellent places to stay and visit. Great food and very cheap.

Location: france    Entrance: 2007/07/04    Cities: Teheran, Shiraz, Esfahan    Length: 15 days
Occupation: Traveler   Education: EXECUTIVE

Location: France   Entrance: 7TH APRIL 2007  Cities: TEHRAN SHIRAZ YAZD ESFAHAN KASHAN
Length: 2 WEEKS   Occupation: Teachers, employers    Education: doctor, diploma
Comments: The people are very helpful in Iran where some usual practices are quite difficult due to the language. It s a pleaure, of course to see the museums and the famous places, but also to meet iranian people.The Pars Tourist Agency in Shiraz was very nice with us.

Gary White
Location: UK     Entrance: 7TH APRIL 2007    Cities: TEHRAN SHIRAZ YAZD ESFAHAN
Length: 2 WEEKS     Occupation: ACCOUNTANT    Education: COLLEGE

Comments: I've had a lot of fun in the time I have been in Iran, and met some very friendly people

croutzet pierre
Location: france       Entrance: 07 april 2007   Cities: yazd    Length: 15 days    Occupation: student
Education: student
Comments: beautifull country

Location: france    Entrance: 6 april   Cities: shiraz tehran kerman mashhad yazd shiraz
Length: 14 days   Occupation: Teacher
Comments: Great sense of hospitality and very interesting sights.

Gregory Edgelow
Location: Canada    Entrance: June 20, 2007    Cities: see below    Length: 9 days (8 or 9 nights)
Occupation: Association Director     Education: Bachelors Degree
Comments: I am an Olympic wrestler from Canada and my friends are Abbas Jadidi and Amir Khadem ane Mr. Mehdi Khaledi. I want to come over to Iran with my wife. I ahve flight booked from Moscow on June 19, 2007 and arriving early June 20. i depart for istanbul on June 29. I like the Iranian people and they are good sportsmen. when in Tehran, I will visit Mr. jadidi and Mr. Khadem at the wrestling club. I would like to rent a car on my own and travel to these sample cities below. Not all the small cities may not be the best cities to see, but this is the area I want to go to: Day 1-June 20: Tehran arrival at 1:30am day 2-June 21: Tehran Day 3-June 22: Kashan Day 4-June 23: Esfahan Day 5-June 24: (between Tehran-Sari) Day 6-June 25: Sari Day 7-June 26: Amol Day 8-June 27: Rasht Day 9-June 28: Tehran Depart June 29: 3:30Am (the flight goes through Tabriz, so maybe instead of coming back to Tehran, i could drive to Tabriz from Rasht and leave the rental car at the airport there as an option? In Tehran, I wil

Grunenwald Annick
Location: Switzerland     Entrance: 5.04.2007    Cities: Siraz, espahan, Kerman, Yazd...
Length: 2 weeks     Occupation: students and teachers    Education: MASTER
Comments: I just arrived but it is a beautiful country with beautiful people. All the kindness touch me very much. :)

Anna Anastasopoulou
Location: Greece    Entrance: 30 April 2007
Cities: Urmieh, Sanandaj,Hamadan,Tehran, Quom, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd,Kerman, Mashhad
Length: 2 weeks    Occupation: Finance     Education: MA/MBA
Comments: n amazing country with so many colours, and people so friendly you would have a problem leaving...

Location: Germany    Entrance: 30.03. 2007     Cities: Teheran, Shiraz, Esfahan
Length: 3 weeks    Occupation: Student
Comments: I like Iran and the Iraniens, I have friends and relatives here and for sure I was not for the last time i Iran :)

Peter Steyn
Location: South Africa   Entrance: March 26, 2007   Cities: Tehran, Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Garmeh
Length: 16 days   Occupation: Traveler   Education: Master of Commerce
Comments: Iranians are among the friendliest people in the world. I have been to almost 100 countries and I can honestly say that Iranians are incredible people. Iran is also a very safe and easy country to travel in. I will be back!

mauger xavier
Location: france    Entrance: 25 march 2007   Cities: Tabriz, Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, Bam, Masshad
Length: 1 month   Occupation: physiotherapist
Comments: we like iran for all the historical sites and beautiful builds. we like iranian people for the hospitality we hope to come back....

Simon Haworth
Location: New Zealand   Entrance: 05/04/2007   Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Tehran
Length: 17 days   Occupation: Bank employee    Education: University

Comments: Since arriving in Iran we have had the most increadible hospitality. A very friendly country to visit with so much culture and history.

Location: GERMANY    Cities: THEARAN    Length: 20 days   Occupation: ARCHITEKT

Location: SWEDEN   Entrance: 29 MARCH 2007   Cities: BUSHEHR SHIRAZ KERMAN
Length: 14 days   Occupation: ENGINEER   Education: MASTER

frank pouw
Location: Netherlands     Entrance: 27 March   Cities: Kerman/Shiraz/Esfahan/Kashan
Length: 24 days    Occupation: Bank employee   Education: University
Comments: So far enyoing my time very much here in iran. Although the prolems with the language the iranian people have been very helpful to me.

Rani and Jez
Location: UK     Entrance: 30/03/2007    Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Tehran   Length: 3 weeks
Occupation: Teacher and IT consultant    Education: BA hons degree
Comments: Thank you for all your assistance!

Dichi Jia
Location: China PR    Entrance: 29.03.2007    Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran
Length: 7 Days     Education: Master in Chemistry
Comments: Shiraz给我的感觉像回到了我出生的城市---西安,一个同样具有悠久历史的城市。在Persipolis的沧桑历 史中,我感受到一个伟大的王朝的兴衰。导游很专业,伊朗人民非常友好,对于我来说这是一段非常难忘的经历,我也衷心希望中国和伊朗的友谊万古长青。 I have just the similar feeling in Shiraz and in my birth city---Xi,an in China, which also has a long history. The tourguide is very professional and the

Location: italy      Entrance: 15/03/2007   Cities: shiraz esfahan tehran tabriz
Length: 23 days    Education: doctor
Comments: very very well natur monuments eucture handicrafts food and specially :people. i am in love with your country

Ricardo Lafita
Location: Spain     Entrance: 25 march 2007   Cities: Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kashan, Qom
Length: 14 days    Occupation: Farmer    Education: University
Comments: We have only spent 3 days in Iran, so it is difficult to form an opinion. Nevertheless we have met hospitable iranians trying to help us in spite of the language difficulties.

Josef Treml
Location: Austria    Entrance: 22/03/07    Cities: Teheran, Shiraz, Esfahan    Length: 12 days
Occupation: Commercial Attache   Education: Phd Law
Comments: What to tell about Iran. Even though I really cannot read Farsi, and I am pretty much troubled with Farsi Numbers, people make the difference. Everybody is helping, smiling, and every second is asking me how I like Iran - Great! I enjoy, and surely will come back.

konniac antonios
Location: greece   Entrance: 15 daye this year 15 days last year Cities: shiraz tehran kerman mashhad yazd shiraz
Length: 15 days   Occupation: public employer   Education: econamy studies university salonica
Comments: the peaple in iran are very nice and very friendly but the taxies in shiraz are expensive but in yazd -kerman -mashhad are normal .

keseru krisztian
Location: hungary   Entrance: 22/03/07   Cities: yazd,esfahan   Length: 10 days   Occupation: cook
Education: photography

Location: BRAZIL    Entrance: 14/03/2007  Cities: Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan
Length: 11 days   Occupation: doctor    Education: medicine
Comments: Iran is a very interesting country and more important: people are kind and the hospitality is superb. I like a lot from Esfahan and Yazd. I just arrived em Shiraz and I have a great desire to know Persepolis.


Location: France   Entrance: 3 th march 07  Cities: tabriz, Zagros mountain, ispahan
Length: 3 weeks   Occupation: agriculture   Education: master


Martin Ejeklint
Location: Sweden   Entrance: 4/3-2007 Cities: Tabriz, Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, Bam, Masshad
Length: About 4 weeks   Occupation: Student
Comments: I really like it here! The Iranian people I've met so far have been very kind and wellcoming! I came to Shiraz early this morning and already at breakfast an Iranian couple here on vacation invited me to come with them to Persepolis! It's quite remarkable that friends from home ask me if I feel safe and tell me to be careful here, I feel much safer here (even in grubby back alleys) than I do at home! I encourge everybody to go to Iran, all the current issues are between governments, not between people! The people will want to get to know you and welcome you and you will probably have one of the best travels in your life!


Location: ENGLAND   Entrance: 13/3/07  Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Tehran
Length: 23 days  Occupation: gardner    Education: univ of liverpool
Comments: very helpfull people,easy travelling (so far)so much to see ,where are all the tea houses

Location: Oman   Occupation: Real Estate
Comments: Shiraz and its outskirts is a historical city with a lot of interesting places one can visit.There is the Tomb of Darius the Great and Zoroaster all within easy rich from Shiraz and close to each other, Then there us Paresepolis where the Palaces of Tachara and Apadana are located. The list is endless. And for those who like to Ski, there is Shakarak which is Located in Sepidan(Hardakun). The city itself is nice and the weather is good. However and inspite of all the advancement Credit cards are not accepted at all and I know of a few people I have met and who have had to cut short their stay(Including me) because of that, Another problem is getting around or asking for directions because of the language problems. Very few people speak a second language, whether it is Arabic or English or French or someother language like Spanish.

Location: germany    Entrance: february 2007 Length: several weeks for internship, but only 4 days travel tour
Occupation: student   Education: student
Comments: as i am a single woman travelling on my own, without speaking the language, it is more difficult than as a man, but nevertheless it is a great experience and the more you get out, the more streetwise you get. during daylight, you could probably go on your own (but it could take time to figure out where and how), but as soon as it gets dark, you should have someone with you. as a whole, it is really worth it to go with a travel guide or a travel group (as a single woman). by the way, so far i only now tehran and have seen shiraz, and can really recommend shiraz as a more green, less stressy place. not sure if i will come again to iran (because the world is quite big, and because - at the moment - sometimes i find the political and economic situation and the situation for woman frustrating (although the latter is better than in other muslim countries and could be worse)), but most people i meet are quite happy that a foreigner is here and are really friendly. so take time to have a tea!

Indulis Blums
Location: Latvia    Entrance: 12th March   Cities: Ahwaz, Shiraz,Esfakhan,Yazd,Tehran
Length: 11 days   Occupation: airfreight forwarder   Education: Higher
Comments: Nice Country, Helpful people. Nice escape from McDonalds and things like that! I' d wish more info at tourist offices, like maps, brouchures etc also in Ahwaz. Pars Tourism seems wery efficient & helpful, Thank You!!!

Vanessa Marcano
Location: Venezuela    Entrance: March 6, 2007  Cities: Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Chalus, Mashhad
Length: 1 month  Occupation: Student   Education: Currently in University
Comments: First and foremost, traveling in Iran is easier to do as a man than as a woman. However, it is safe and good to travel as a woman, but you must research a lot about the local culture between men and women, in order to avoid unpleasant experiences. That said, Iranians in general are very hospitable and happy to see people from other countries in Iran, they are curious to see where you are from, and they are proud of their different cities. Not everyone speaks English (much less Spanish), but those who do (and even those who don't) will always be willing to give you good advice and help - very appreciated when traveling alone. Last, but not least - Iranian traditions are quite interesting, especially the one that occurs a week before Norooz, where people jump over fires in the street to get rid of bad luck from the past year, you should try not to miss it! (But make sure to have a place to stay, because in Norooz, hotels and buses are very full). Pars Travel Agency offers professional service and excellent

Yoshiaki Tsuji
Location: Japan    Entrance: 07/03/07 Cities: Mashhad, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Hamadan, Kermansha
Length: about 3weeks   Occupation: Student    Education: University
Comments: 911後ツーリストが少なくなったと言われているイランですが、非常に魅力的な見所が多く、オススメです。「歩き方 」ではそこまでページを割かれていませんが、特にシーア派にとって最も重要な巡礼地であるマシュハドのハラム(聖域)は必見 (異教徒も入れます)。英語はなかなか&#368

Location: Germany   Entrance: 10-02-2007   Cities: all   Length: 1 month  Occupation: Student
Education: diploma
Comments: Iranian people a very cultivated and friendly. I am very happy I am traveling here and enjoying so many new and wonderful impressions. thank you..


Yoshiaki Tsuji
Location: Japan    Entrance: 07/03/07  Cities: Mashhad, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Hamadan, Kermanshah
Length: about 3weeks   Occupation: Student   Education: University
Comments:  911後ツーリストが少なくなったと言われているイランですが 、非常に魅力的な見所が多く、オススメです。「歩き方」ではそこまでページを割かれていませんが、特にシーア派にとっ て最も重要な巡礼地であるマシュハドのハラム(聖域)は必見(異教徒も入れます)。英語はなかなか&#368

Location: Germany      Entrance: 10-02-2007      Cities: all    Length: 1 month
Occupation: Student    Education: diploma
Comments: Iranian people a very cultivated and friendly. I am very happy I am traveling here and enjoying so many new and wonderful impressions. thank you..

Leclair Ophelie
Location: France     Entrance: 26/02/2007     Cities: Esfahan, Yazd, Kashan, Anzali
Length: 21 days    Occupation: Student      Education: Shipping
Comments: It takes little time to realize how curious and hospitable irani people are towards foreigners. This gives a very comfortable feeling about travelling in iran - we are constantly the center of attention, which brings many opportunities to communicate with the locals. To top this off, the persian sites and architectures are wonders that will honnestly have you wonder why you didn't come to Iran before.

Hiroaki Shizume
Location: JAPAN      Entrance: 2007/03/10     Cities: Esfahan, Shiraz
Length: 2 weeks    Occupation: Student    Education: University
Comments: Shiraz is good city!

Tellier Dominique
Location: France    Entrance: 06/03/2007   Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Tehran
Length: 21 days   Occupation: bank
Comments: tres bon accueil les iraniens et les iraniennes sont tres chaleureux, genereux et se soucient beaucoup de leurs hotes il y a toujours quelqu un pour vous renseigner et vous guider et chez Pars tourist agency , on est traite comme des rois merci.

Katherine Antoinette Munro
Location: South Africa    Entrance: 2nd March 2007    Cities: Tehran, Shiraz
Length: 10days     Occupation: University professor     Education: Higher Education
Comments: We have enjoyed a wonderful stay in Iran in general with the highlights being the Tehran museums and the day spent with Pars tours visiting Persepolis, Naqsh-E Rostam and Naqsh-E Rajab, and then Parsargadae. Visiting these anciet sights accompanied by a knowledgeable guide and a first rate driver made all the difference and brought ancient history to life. All we saw was comparable to ancient Egypt and the Roman towns of Algeria and Morocco. We commend Iranians on their hospitality, warmth and kindness. Iran should be promoted as a superb cultural tourist destination. The country has a very bad press in the West and this is wrong so we will do all we can to promote your country back in South Africa.

Fabian Ledwon
Location: Germany      Entrance: 06.03.2007    Cities: Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Bushir
Length: three weeks    Occupation: Student    Education: High-school
Comments: I consider the Iranians as very welcoming, friendly and open-minded. In every city we visited we had the opportunity to talk to the people, even be invited. And of course the architecture - mosques, bazaars, palaces and houses built with bricks or mud. Of course, drinking tea and smoking ghilyane in a nice chaikhane is worth a journey!

Thomas Johansen
Location: Norway    Entrance: 28 02 2006   Cities: siraz efshan    Length: 35 days
Education: basic
Comments: People in iran is very friendly is like brasil and even more.Not many from norway go to Iran but many tourist will come in future.Many in norway think Iran is simle Irak is not and I will inform my friends.

Georg Wissing
Location: Germany    Entrance: 01.013.2007    Cities: Esfahan, Shiraz.Thehran. Golpaygan
Length: 14 days   Education: Architect
Comments: I came here to visit my iranian friend and her family to see of what telling me all the time. Iranian people are friendly, and everything is save. Care for your visa at your homecontry,and you will have a wonderful time at wonderful places.

Adrian Lorenzo Arias
Location: spain     Entrance: 01 march 2007  Cities: Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Tabriz
Length: 14 days   Occupation: hotel receptionist    Education: University
Comments: Unfortunately, is Spain the idea of Iran is not the real image of the country. On tv we only see the bad news and iran looks like dangerous. Once here tourist can see that appart of the great monuments, and the iteresing history of the country, and the diversity of people, also you can meet really talkative, open and helpfully people. (and nice food also!!) The only bad thing is traffic, really caotic, but at the end, that`s exotic for foreigners...

Robert and Joan
Location: UK    Entrance: 14 Feb 2007  Cities: Bam,Kerman,Yazd,Shiraz, Esfahan, Masuleh
Length: 3 weeks    Occupation: Teachers   Education: BA hons degree
Comments: Iran has been wonderful. The people are unbelievably friendly, the scenery is magnificent and the sights superb. It has been surprisingly easy to travel around with no shortage of people willing to help us. We will recommend Iran to everyone.

Raeymaekers Tine
Location: Belgium   Entrance: 15 Februari 2007   Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Tehran
Length: 1 month    Occupation: Biologist    Education: Biologist
Comments: Although we are only a few days in Iran yet, we absolutely enjoy the hospitality and friendliness of the Iranian people. We don´t speak the language, but everybody on the street is willing to help us and we never had any problem to find our destination. We feel like everybody on the street wants to take care for us. We were already invited to some people´s home and to enjoy dinner together. Besides this eye opener compared to the Belgians´ closed attitude towards other people, the cultural heritage and natural richness are awesome. We enjoy Iran completely, we advise everyone to come and discover yourself. Cis and Tine



Rossano Gianluca
Location: Italy     Entrance: 9 feb 2007   Cities: Theran Kashan Isfahan Shiraz...
Length: 30 days    Occupation: book seller    Education: high school informatic tech
Comments: Iran is really a very interesting place to see and discover. Everey day Iªm enjoing much this place!!!! The people is really kindly and everyplace I have visited, I met new friends... And I have so more to discover.. Gianluca





Grabowska Agnieszka
Location: Poland      Entrance: 10-02-2007   Cities: Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Bam
Length: two weeks   Occupation: Student
Comments: Wszystkim Polakom polecamy wycieczke do Iranu. Odwiedzenie Persepolis moze byc inspiracja zobaczenia wspanialej kultury i spotkania wielu przemilych ludzi, bardzo pomocnych, ciekawych swiata i niezwykle goscinnych.





Shashwat Saraf
Location: India      Entrance: 19 January 2007  Cities: Mashad, Shiraz, Yazd
Length: 7 day    Occupation: Development Worker   Education: Masters in Social Policy
Comments: The people in Iran have been very warm and it has really been a pleasure travelling in Iran and meeting Iranian's. I am very sure that i have to come back to Iran again very soon.





中田 太
Location: 日本   Entrance: 2007年1月18日   Cities: シーラーズ  Length: 10日
Occupation: 観光   Education: 富士山スタッフ
Comments: よくわかりませんが書いてみました。





Tim Biot
Location: Belgium   Entrance: 10/01/07   Cities: Tabriz, Kashan, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Mashad
Length: 17 days   Occupation: Photographer    Education: Social worker
Comments: Ik heb Iran leren kennen als een land met 2 gezichten. Aan de ene kant doet het land denken aan de idee dat wij in het westen hebben van Iran; een sterk religieus en fanatiek islamitisch land. Dit beeld klopt slechts gedeeltelijk. Het is duidelijk dat dit het beeld is dat de overheid en de religieuze leiding opwekt. Aan de andere kant is het Iran van de meeste Iraniers een land met vriendelijke mensen die zo gastvrij en goedhartig zijn dat wij ons er als westerling vaak ongemakkelijk bij voelen. Overal waar ik kwam maakten de (jonge) mensen me duidelijk dat ze genoeg hadden van de beperkingen en (godsdienstige) verplichtingen. Ik heb de Iraniers leren kennen als mensen die vooruit willen en net als iedereen willen leven in een vrije en progressieve maatschappij. Iran heeft vele schitterende sites en plaatsen, maar Esfahan heeft de grootste indruk op me gemaakt.




Hironobu Sekiguci
Location: JAPAN     Entrance: 05/01/2007    Cities: Bam,Kerman,Yazd,Shiraz
Length: 30 days    Occupation: student   Education: university
Comments: イランは建物がとてもモダンな感じで素晴らしいです。 また、街の雰囲気は落ち着いていてゆっくりとすごせます。 極めつけは甘い物がとても美味しいです。 甘い物好きと建築に興味のある方は是非訪れてみてください。




Motonobu Hoshino
Location: Japan   Entrance: 05/01/2007    Cities: Shiraz, Mashhad  Length: 3 Weeks
Occupation: Ninja  

Comments: Iranian sweets is really good. Nin-Nin.



Ingvild Tokheim
Location: Norway   Entrance: 1.1.07  Cities: Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and a few more remote areas
Length: 4 weeks   Occupation: Student     Education: University
Comments: I was told, even at the consulate, that going to Iran as a young solo female traveller would be very difficult, but indeed it has been easier and more comfortable than travel in many other Asian countries. The Iranian people are generally very warm and wonderful people, hospitable in ways that would be almost unheard of back home. Iran itself is a country of mystery and beauty, and outside the cities you can truly find the roads less travelled.



Gilles Pansu
Location: France  Entrance: 29/12/2006   Cities: Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd
Length: 20 days  Occupation: Engineer   Education: university
Comments: The Iranians are very helpful. They would give information about the monuments of their city for free and as a way to enter in contact with foreigners. I think that a good reason to come again in Iran.



Carlos Fuentes
Location: Spain  Entrance: 11.1.2007  Cities: Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz & Mashad
Length: 3 weeks  Occupation: History teacher    Education: Teacher
Comments: La impresion general de Iran es muy buena. La gente es muy hospitalaria y esta pendiente de ayudar al visitante sin necesidad de recibir algo a cambio. El patrimonio historico es muy interesante y, por lo general, se encuentra muy bien conservado. Tambien las comidas iranies son excelentes, aunque quiza repetidas en cuanto a sus ingredientes. Los medios de transporte son acordes con las necesidades y tanto la oferta como los precios estan bien. En el plano social, pese al interes de los iranies por conocer algo mas de los paises de origen de los visitantes, echo en falta un mayor contacto con los jovenes y especialmente con las mujeres, que quiza por las costumbres religiosas no estan dispuestas a conversar con el visitante. Me gustaria que el grado de independencia que tienen los hombres fuera tambien un derecho de las mujeres porque, en pleno siglo XXI, no se entiende que deban ir vestidas de negro de los pies a la cabeza. Creo que la religion pertenece a la esfera intima de las personas y no deberia intere


Dejan i Snezana Jovanovic
Location: Serbia    Entrance: 4.1.2007.  Cities: Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Bafgh
Length: 15 days   Occupation: civil engineer & professor of physic and chemistry Education: university
Comments: Iran is very interesting country. It is something completely different that we saw before. Everything is ok, peoples are fine and wants to help but they don't speak English enough good. Iran needs more tourist information offices like in other world country. For me it is very difficult to read Farsi language, but I will learn for my next visit, promise. In your country gasoline is very cheap, so pollution in big cities is Iran's biggest problem. All in all very nice country.


Quentin, Paul & Christoph
Location: Europe   Entrance: 31 January 2007  Cities: Tabriz, Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd
Education: Students
Comments: Having traveled a number of other places, we can truly say that Iran is at least as easy, safe and enjoyable a country as any tourist (especially backpacking) could imagine. Yes, the people are welcoming and most of them are genuinely helpful, but they are also far more open-minded, interested and critical about things around the globe, than the one-dimensional image created by western media and prejudice would make one believe. We suggest everyone to come and explore this beautiful country and its people so unspoiled by mass-tourism.


Chen, Chun-Yen
Location: Taiwan  Entrance: January 2007  Cities: Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kish, Yazd, Mashhad, Bandar Anzali, Ardabil, Tabriz, and Dizin  Length: 32 days   Occupation: Student Education: University
Comments: Before my departure, I'd heard so much about the Iranian hospitality, but I wasn't all that convinced. However, as my travel proceeds now, I can't believe how wonderful people here are. I was invited to some homes, taken to fascinating places only known to the locals. Many people don't hesitate to give me a hand when I'm in need of help, speaking English or not. So far my best memory was in Isfahan, during the Ashura festival, when I was interviewed by the Iranian national TV at a site where they performed the rituals. Really unforgettable!!! I love Iran!

Sohail mohd hasan
Location: Muscat OMAN   Entrance: 2nd feb 2007      Cities: shiraz  Length: 2 weeks
Occupation: own business  Education: intermediate
Comments: well its our first visit to Iran it seems that we like it but we still have to go visit allot of places to be able to judge. but defiantly the people are very friendly and sweet, the food is almost taste the same well the weather is amazing its what exactly we expected. Only one disappointed thing is that there is no air-conditioning in our rooms which we didn't like. Thank you


Tan Shao Ping
Location: Singapore    Entrance: 27th Jan 2007   Cities: Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz   Length: 7 days
Occupation: Engineer   Education: University
Comments: Generally, Iranians are very honest and friendly. When I have difficult in direction, they usually help me. They usually greet me and lastly, They pay back your change if you happen to give them more money during purchasing. That what I am very glad with them! Cheers Peter Tan.

Mary Hargrove
Location: U.S.A.   Entrance: January, 2007    Cities: Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran    Length: 8 days
Occupation: English teacher  Education: university
Comments: The people of Iran are so warm and friendly. We visited a park and kind strangers invited us to have tea with them. The drive between Shiraz and Kazerun is stunning. The guides from Pars Tourist Agency were very professional, and we enjoyed our time together. I wish we could have stayed longer.


Peter Kitay
Location: Canada   Entrance: january 2007   Cities: Esfahan, Shirazn  Length: 12 days
Occupation: Teacher  Education: University
Comments: Among the greatest qualities of Iranian culture is undoubtedly the hospitality of the Iranian people. The friendliness, openness and generosity of Iranians may surprise you! It has been a great pleasure for us to experience Iran and hear the charming roll of the Persian language. The the richness of its monuments and beauty of the parks in the historic cities of Esfahan and Shiraz is second only to the the beautiful character of the people we met. With a few kind words, you will be greeted with a smile. Inchallah, we will return to Iran for another stay. Khayli Mamnun! Khoda Hafez!


Alfons van Marrewijk
Location: Netherlands    Entrance: 27 january 2007  Cities: Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Busher
Length: 10 days   Occupation: Cultural Anthropologist  Education: University
Comments: The culture of Iran surprised me in a positive sense. The hospitality towards foreigners is warmharthed and real. As a visitor respect is paid in a nice way; if you want to ask something people are friendly to help. Surprisingly, in between the large cities, there are little vacancies for hotels, so traveling is from one large city to another. The proudness and politeness of Iran people is a very challenging.



Ana Liza Pingcas
Location: January 19, 2007      Entrance: Shiraz       Cities: 1-2weeks Length: Food and Beverage Associate   Occupation: B.S Hotel and Restaurant Management   Education: Nice people and so many places to go.
Comments: I've never expected that the people here would be so friendly and helpful even though there's a language barrier. The streets are clean and i also like the food. I wish to come back here someday with my family.



Dorota klajn and Guillaume Martin
Location: poland and france   Entrance: january 2007 Cities: tabriz, sanandaj, esfahan, shiraz        Length: three weeks    Occupation: students and teachers     Education: university
Comments: We have both found Iranian people very hospitable, welcoming, generally honest (the taxi drivers tend to double their prices). This was true especially in less 'touristy' places such as sanandaj where people seemed truly happy to see us. So far, our favorites are the bazaar in sanandaj, frut juices in tabriz, everything and especially the atmosphere in Isfahan. We haven't seen everything we wanted in shiraz yet but we already had a great trip to Persepolis and two delicious meals- one in the hammam restaurant and the other with the nomads under their tent. Personally, I would definitely like to come back as the time we have (three weeks) is far to little to see everything we want.




Philip Wehtje
Location : Sweden  Entrance :28/12/06  Cities : Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd  Length :21 days
Occupation : Student Education: High-school
Comments : Very hospital and in general friendly people. I have only had one bad experience so far at a fast-food place in Dizin having problems to get my food. Also I really think the pollution in Teheran is terrible as it seems to be in many of the big cities. However, I really recommend the country to anyone who is interested in traveling in an exciting and unexploited country.



Bogdanov Anton
Location : Russia  Entrance :7 January 2007  Cities : Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Bushir
Length :  7 day  Occupation :Manager
Comments : I very like this country. All people must see Bazar of Isfahan and masque in Yazd.



Danko & David
Location : Hungary Cities :  Shiraz  Length :  5 days Occupation : economist
Comments : Iran erdekes orszag, Shiraz mozgalmas hely, kiveve penteken. Este hangulatos is. A helyiek vagy kedvesek, vagy nem zavartatjak magukat kulfoldiek lattan. Igazi akkor volna, ha nem volna nyelvi akadaly, mivel viszont ez igenis letezik, marad a mutogatas. Nagyon biztonsagos orszag, erdemes elfelejteni a rola alkotott sztereotipiakat.



Christof Weber
Location : Germany  Entrance :03.01.2007  Cities :  Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan
Length : 12 days  Education: veterinary medicine
Comments : Ich habe bis jetzt 3 Tage im Iran verbracht. Die Gastfreundschaft, die Hilfsbereitschaft und das uns entgegengebrachte Interesse der Iraner ist beispielhaft. Auch wenn manchmal Verstaendigungsprobleme auftraten, so waren die Menschen immer bemueht jemanden zu finden, der dolmetschen konnte. Auch in einem Fall als eine Rechnung in einem Restaurant nicht bezahlt werden konnte, weil nicht ausreichend Kleingeld mitgefuehrt wurde, reichte ein Verweis auf unser Hotel um das Problem zu loesen. Erstaunlich ist auch, dass uns auf der Strasse von wildfremden Menschen, die englisch oder deutsch sprachen immer wieder freundlich Hilfe angeboten wurde oder auch nur nach unserer Herkunft gefragt wurde. Insgesamt hat man es relativ leicht als Tourist in diesem Land.



Dave Cottle
Location : New Zealand  Entrance : 2006/12/27
Cities :  Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, Masuleh, Abyaneh, Rayen, Bandar-el-Azali, Choqa Zanbil, Mahan, Shahdad, Persepolis, Firuz Abad  Length :  2 weeks on both trips  Occupation :IT consultant
Education: University

Comments :This is our second trip to Iran. Both times we came to see friends who returned to Iran from overseas, but also to see some of the oldest heritage sites in the world, and see more of the fascinating Iranian culture, mixing both today's world and the traditional beliefs. We have been welcomed many times, even to peoples' homes, to share meals, met people in tea-houses or just on the street, people who are interested in both our experience of Iran and also our views from the outside on politics, culture, food and religion, from mullahs to taxi drivers and street vendors. Iran is a surprisingly safe & easy place to travel in, although you may find traveling by road stressful at first! People are often not used to seeing foreigners outside the main centers, and you may be stopped by police simply out of curiosity - they've learnt some English at school and can't wait to practice it. Iran is one of those rare countries that restores your faith in the honesty of people, and humbles you before their unending.



Yin Fun Ho
Location : Hong Kong, China  Entrance : 31 December, 2006 Cities :  Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd
Length : 12 days Occupation : Teacher Education: University
Comments : Iran is a safe country for tourists. Before I came to Iran, my friends were worried about my safety as they thought that it was not safe. After arriving here, I've found that the Iranians are very nice and they are willing to help us when we don't know how to get to the place we want to go. One day, when we were visiting a mosque in Esfahan, we met some university students and they took us to a cafe and had a drink. They even wanted to treat us the meal. They are really friendly and nice. I think Iran is a country that is worth visiting. If you're interested in the ancient architecture, this is the place you must visit in your life! Yin Fun from Hong Kong.



Baute Danny
Location : Belgie  Entrance : 23/12/2006  Cities : Teheran to Shiraz  Length : 2 weken
Occupation : leerkracht
Comments : Iran is gewoon super er is geen enkele reden om niet te komen , hier kan je genieten van de gastvrijheid (zonder bijbedoelingen) de vele mooie monumenten de afwisselende natuur maar vooral de mensen het is echt niet te geloven Iran is een parel op de wereldbol een beetje respect voor het land en je reis kan niet stuk Annie en Danny



Tino Luinstra and Gijs van Tilburg
Location : Holand  Entrance : 25 december 2006  Cities :  Shiraz, Qom, Isfahan, Tehran, Kish
Length :  21 days  Occupation : teacher and engineer  Education: university
Comments : We really like the Iranian people above everything else this country has to offer! Of course all the historical sites, blue-mosaiqued mosques and all waterpipes and falafel are great! Since Delster Sib is the drink to zip, we do not miss our alcoholic escapades a bit... But most hardwarming are the meetings with all nice peoples : where else in this world share people that much??? Do not believe all the stuff on the Western tv, but go and feel it with your own heart!



Ross Evans and Lauren Beattie

Entrance : 28 December 2006  Length : 10 days Occupation : Civil Engineer and Events Manager  Location : Australia Cities : Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz

Comments :We have thoroughly enjoyed every part of Iran. Beginning in Tehran and working our way down to Shiraz, we have found each city unique and have enjoyed learning about the fascinating history and taking in the beautiful sights. One thing that has been consistent throughout our trip is the hospitality of the Iranian people who have welcomed us to their country in the most warm and inviting way possible.



Francis Andrew MURPHY

Education : BA, Dip Ed, licence-es-lettres   Entrance : 17th December 2006  Length : 30 days
Occupation : Teacher  Location : Australia Cities : Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz

Comments : I have found the Iranian people to be very hospitable and generous, and intend to come back here again.



Mathias Moeller

Entrance : 23.12.06 Length : 4 weeks Occupation : mechanical Ing, CAD mould Location: Germany

Cities : Tabriz, Masuleh, Teheran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Bam, Yazd, Kashan, Mashhad
Comments: ich bin wirklich ueberascht mit welcher gastfreundlichkeit ich hier aufgenommen wurde, die Menschen sind sehr interessiert, leider geht Ihr Englisch selten ueber woher und wohin hinaus. Man bekommt in jeder lage hilfe und nimmt sich zeit um evtl. probleme zu loesen. Im gegensatz zu einigen anderen laendern, welche ich kennengelernt habe, hatte ich nie das gefuehl ausgenutzt zu werden. die freundlichkeit der Iraner wuerde ich vergleichen mit der der Laoten, gepaart mit viel Stolz



Iran hospitality

Jasmine and Denko Popovac

Education : University    Entrance : June 8        Length : 1month  Occupation : Artist and Engineer Location : Canada  Cities : Tehran, Kerman, Mahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan, Abyaneh ,Tabriz ...

Comments : Iran has proven to be one of the friendliest countries of the many we have yet visited. Everywhere we go we are greeted by children and adults alike and told again and again "Welcome to Iran!" We have been invited into homes, offered meals and had numerous locals approach us just to meet or speak with us, travelers from another country. One meeting leads to many others here, and more invitations. Over and over we have been told "Our home is your home!" We cannot say enough about the kindness and hospitality exhibited toward us by the extraordinary people of Iran, and it has been a real pleasure to experience.

Iran hospitality

Cindy Conway and Geoff Pavey

Entrance : June 17, 2004    Length : 2 weeks   Occupation : Software Engineer

Cities : Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Qom     Location : Canada/USA

Comments : We have traveled to over 10 countries in the last 11 months, and we are delighted to be in Iran. We will remember it as one of the great highlights of our trip. The hospitality we have experienced is second to none. Repeatedly we have encountered people who have given freely and generously of their time in order to help us have the best experience possible. This kind, very personal interaction has made our travels here very special. They have always treated us with fairness and kindness.

Iran hospitality

Christophe Jegu

Education : master degree   Entrance : 05/06/04   Length : 30 days  Occupation : Financial analyst  Location : French Cities : Espahan, Qom, Yazd, Shiraz

Comments : Iran is famous for his glorious monuments, but also for the hospitality of his people. Those were the reasons why I came here, and was not disappointed at all. You will always find people ready to help, even taxi drivers... Here, you will understand what is to be a guest.

Iran hospitality

Nuria Gonzalez and Alcione Mora

Location : Spain  Education : Master Science / PhD    Entrance : 17 June 2004 Length : 28 days      Occupation : PhD students    Cities : Tehran, Qazvin, Masouleh, Bandar-e Anzali, Ardabil, Tabriz,

Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Qom

Comments : Iran is a very friendly country. There is always somebody available to help you if you have a problem, and the lack of knowledge of Farsi is not a barrier, because the people do their best in order to help you, without

expecting anything in exchange. They can expend much of their time with the only purpose of helping you. However, you have to be cautious about those people which can make a profit lying you, specially taxi drivers and some hotel owners. Prepare to enjoy an extremely safe country for the tourist, where every problem or doubt gets resolved

with the help of the population.

Iran hospitality

David & Aga

Education : M.A. Mathematics & Applied Linguistic     Entrance : 30/06/04   Length : 20 days
Occupation : Students of Mathematics&Applied Linguistics  Cities : Tabriz, Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Yazd, Mashhad      Location : Spain & Poland
Comments :
The best souvenirs that you can bring home from Iran are memories of people's hospitality and warmth. Several times per day any tourist can hear "Welcome to Iran". Moreover, you will be invited to a cup of tea at least by one hundred of Iranians. If you are lucky, you will be a visitor to somebody's house and will be given an opportunity to spend pleasant time with their family. For a European it's surprising, for an Iranian it seems to be natural and enjoyable. Thanks to such warm gestures and words, we forgot to miss our own countries! Motashakkeram!

Iran hospitality

Stein Morten Lund

Education : Master of business management   Entrance : 6th July 2004   Length : 2 weeks
Occupation : Manager & Editor   Cities : Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and rural areas Location : Norway
I could not think of a better place in the world for travel explorations and unique adventures than in Iran. But first and foremost I will remember the hospitality of the people.
Based on my experiences during almost 20 years of traveling, I have never got a stronger feeling of being a guest in a country rather than a tourist. It made me feel so well meeting all the nice Iranian people both smiling and saying hello to me. All around in Iran I have been invited to private homes. The Iranians are really opened minded and have a good heart. Visiting nomadic tribes in the mountains will forever be an unforgettable adventure.
I would like to thank everyone in Iran who made my tour so successful. Especially I would like thank
the nomadic tribes as the Bakhtiaris, Qashqais and Lor for showing their best hospitality. These people are really great. I hope they will stay strong in the future and manage to retain their unique lifestyle and culture.
Go to Iran and you will feel how to be a real guest! The more effort you make to know the Iranians,
the richer your experience will be. From the bottom of my heart I will just say:

Warmest greetings from a Norwegian Viking

Iran hospitality

Alain de Rotrou

Education = Engineer  Entrance = July 1, 2004  Length = 1 month 

Occupation = consulting management Cities = Tehran, Masouleh, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz,

 Yazd, Mashhad  location = France
Comments =
How many times was I invited to share a lunch, a dinner, even more?
How many times were the taxi drivers happy to offer the drives?
Definitively , Iranian people are warm, friendly, so curious and open minded. Did I tell you all the laughs we had in

buses , in museums with them?

I will come back to Iran with my wife ASAP .
I made so many friends that If I could settle down in Iran

Iran hospitality

Martin Sikovc, Leon Andrejka, Matjaz Spruk
Entrance = 15.7.2004                     Length = 20 days                   Occupation = students

Cities = Shiraz, Persepolis, Isfahan, Yazd, Teheran, Qazvin .... location = Slovenia
comments = We must say that the first thing that we were positively surprised about when we entered

the Iran was the Iranian hospitality. On every step you can meet a lot of people who are prepared to help

you. Moreover there are also very curious about that where you come from and it isn't a rare thing that

they invite you to their home for a dinner just to talk about your country and your culture. That is why we

are going to have very nice memory about Iran and their people.
Thank you for those 20 great days in Iran.
Martin, Leon and Matjaz

Jurgen and Sibylle

Education = University                 Entrance = 8 August 2004                     Length = 16 days

Cities = Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Tehran      location = Austria
comments = Iran has proven to be a real pearl of the Middle East. Western tourists are still relatively rare and people are friendly and welcoming and treat the guest as a king wherever possible.
It appears to be strange that this country is on the same world as the overdeveloped tourist spots everywhere else.

Kimberly Wilson and Thomas Sennett

Education = Masters Library Science  Entrance = September 23, 2004  Length = 20 days

Occupation = Network Administrator/ Network Engineer     Cities = Tehran, Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan location = United States
Comments = We had heard from other travelers about Iranian hospitality, but it is something that you have to experience for yourself. We are half way through our trip at this point and have been overwhelmed by the friendliness and graciousness of Iranians we have met. Of course, it is obvious we are foreigners, so many people have come up to us in the streets to practice their English or just welcome us. When we tell people we are from the United States, they are often surprised, but make sure that we understand that problems between governments are not problems between people and that we are quite welcome here. In fact, as there are so few Americans here people have been especially interested in meeting us. It's been an incredible experience so far.

Lisa and Ulrike Walzel

Education = university degree  location = Germany  Entrance = 18.09.2004    Length = 3 weeks  Occupation = teacher and student  Cities = Isfahan, Kashan, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd
Comments = When we arrived in Teheran we did not really know how people would react to us - two women traveling on their own in Iran. At home we had heard some horror stories. But up to now we have just had good experiences. Everybody helps us in the street, everyone is extremely friendly. We were invited by a lot of people for a cup of tea or we talked for a while and they did all their best - arranging bus tickets, finding bakeries, haggling in the bazar...

Iran is definitely the land with the greatest hospitality. Thanks to everyone!

Anders Wahlgren

Entrance = 2004-09-30   Length = 16 days  Cities = Shiraz   location = Sweden
Comments = Under den korta tid jag varit har har jag mott en enastaende gastfrihet. Det borjade redan pa flyget ner dar de som satt bredvid mig pa flyget berattede om landet och aven lamnade tel nr. Jag har aven traffat och
atit lunch och middag med flera.a jag kommer hem kan jag rekommendera vanner att besoka landet.
Thank you in advance for your care and support!

Gerhard Zwettler

Entrance = 2 Oct 2004    Length = 15 days  Occupation = communication manager  cities = Tehran, Shiraz (Persepolis), Yazd, Isfahan  Location = Austria
comments = I am very happy to be able to experience the Iranian hospitality. I have traveled the world, but never received such a warm welcome as in Iran. The Iranians go out of there way to help, to present you the Iranian culture, which is very rich, and the Iranian lifestyle. Please come and experience yourself this warmth and friendliness!